Activate your intuition so you can be your own guide to great change.

Free Tarot Ebook

Start your journey to powerfully harness your intuition and use tarot to support your self-care by downloading the free Tarot for Self-Care Ebook here.

Tarot for Self-Care

Tarot for Self-Care is a 10-week online course designed to guide you to use tarot as a tool to build trust in yourself and support decision-making so you can finally start living your life and sharing your gifts without the constant cloud of fear-based anxiety, depression, and stagnation. Doors are currently closed but you can join the waitlist here.

Tarot Cosmology Mentorship

By application only

You’re invited to dedicate six months to the profound changes possible in your life and the impact you’re called to have by deepening your studies of tarot. This mentorship will explore your offering to this world through the lens of tarot, and will provide you with the tools and support you need to fully realize your gifts. Suitable for readers with existing tarot knowledge and a hunger for the depths. Click here to learn more and apply.