Holistic Business Readings

Channeled guidance to help you grow the supportive, soul-centered business of your dreams
$250 for 90-minute session
via phone/Zoom Video

Is your business actually supporting the life you want to live? Or are you spending your time scrolling Instagram, waiting for the clarity on how to build your business to magically appear?

Whether you envision a passionate side-gig to help with the bills or a full-time enterprise that creates jobs and supports folks around the world, you may feel like you should be able to figure out how to grow your business on your own.

I mean, you’re supposed to just intuitively KNOW the next steps, right? If it’s aligned, it’s supposed to be easy, right?

Not quite.

While alignment and intuition can be business superpowers, they can’t do their job if you’re stuck in your head worrying about where the next sale will come from, staring at your computer screen trying to get your offer just right, or running from one mundane task to the next to create the illusion of progress without actually getting anything done.

If you don’t know where to focus your attention in your business, it will not grow. And if you’re scattered, confused, overwhelmed, or burnt out, your attention is consumed with those challenges rather than creating the impact and income you’re growing a business for in the first place.

What is it costing you in time and resources to keep running around in circles in your own head, seeking clarity and the ability to trust yourself but finding only exhaustion and confusion?

If you’re anything like the hundreds of folks I’ve worked with, the answer is: a lot.

I know that you have all that you need to run a successful and supportive soul-centered business inside of you. Let me help you find it.

The Holistic Business Reading will explore both your personal and professional realities, recognizing that a truly holistic approach goes far beyond spreadsheets (but we can talk about spreadsheets, too!). You’ll gain clarity around who your business needs you to be, and how to change your daily activities to support the soul-centered entrepreneurship you are ready to truly embrace, all supported by the intuitive wisdom of the tarot.

Sarah is so supportive and has continued to be so supportive. Choosing to work with her was a great business and life decision.
— Cody Nowell, designer

In a 90-minute one-on-one session that builds on a personalized business tarot spread, we will meld coaching with magic making to call on the power of tarot to identify challenges, shift perspectives, reactivate your innate intuition, and plan possibilities for your business.

Together we will laugh, curse, and maybe even cry as we weave through potential topics such as business planning, launching, marketing, starting a business, hiring, and more.

You’ll leave this reading with a plan and ready to jump into action, fully supported by your own intuition and the universal wisdom of the tarot so you can fall in love with your business and serve at your highest level.

Your session includes a custom tarot spread based on the information you provide when you reserve a reading, so to prepare for our time together, please consider what questions you have and what areas of your business want attention. The more you are able to share, the deeper I will be able to dive into the cards, my channel, and my many years of business experience to serve you.

Offered via phone/Zoom Video. House calls available upon request for an additional fee. $250 for a 90-minute session.

Sliding scale sessions are available for folks experiencing financial hardship. Please contact me here if the cost of this session is prohibitive and you feel called to work with me. 


Want to learn to read tarot for yourself? Get the Free Tarot Ebook.

N.B. I am not a doctor, a therapist, or a licensed professional anything. I am a sober human who has studied tarot and herbalism, has a useless degree in French and Molecular Cell Biology, and has talked with a lot of folks about their lives and dreams and fears. I have also worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years, and have supported many businesses in scaling in a supportive manner. Readings are for entertainment purposes only, and if you are in need of medical or psychiatric care I will refer you to those modalities.