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Tarot Readings at Maha Rose

  • Maha Rose 97 Green Street #G3 Brooklyn, NY (map)

Sarah will be offering one-on-one sessions at Brooklyn's Maha Rose. Please visit Maha Rose to reserve your spot.

Intuitive Tarot Session, 25/55 minutes: 

In an Intuitive Tarot Session, you will be invited to thoroughly examine your path and be offered divine medicine to assist in unraveling the threads of your story. We will use the tarot to shift your fears out of the driver's seat, so you can step fully into the present moment and begin to heal yourself. The session will be specific to your needs and goals, and may address your physical, emotional, and spiritual states with suggestions for further action, herbal and energetic remedies, and more. You will be asked to be honest and willing to see the truth of your situation so that we can weave the past and present together to create a future you love. We will laugh, probably curse, and speak frankly about the choices that frame your journey. After our session you will be calm, secure, and ready to move forward with the full support of the universe. 

Tarot + Flower Essence Session, 55 minutes:

The Tarot is a powerful tool of reflection, and approaching the cards through a lens of self-care opens the door to an expanded personal practice of empowerment. Flower essences are the energetic imprint of flowers in water, and they work on the principle of vibrational resonance to bring parts of our emotional, spiritual, and wider selves back into balance. In this session, we will dive into a personalized tarot spread to uncover what shifts you are being invited to make, and use your cards to make a custom flower essence blend to take home and incorporate in your rituals and life. You will go home with your essence and the tools to work with its energies to step fully onto your path.

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