Business Breakthrough Weekend

Jumpstart your aligned business with a private, in-person VIP holistic business breakthrough weekend in the comfort of your town

How’s that business going? You know, the one you’ve been dreaming of for years?

Still waiting to start, getting hung up on tech, and unsure of who you’re meant to serve?

Or have you made some moves, but are still trading time for money, burning yourself out and growing resentful of the very thing you once loved?

It happens. Easily. Growing a business is hard work—if you’re trying to do it all alone.

And you can do it alone.

You can keep trying to piece together marketing knowledge from freebie downloads.

You can keep booking clients at night and on the weekends just to make ends meet.

You can keep letting anxiety run the show, leading you to make choices out of fear rather than alignment.

You can keep feeling like you’re missing something, and just hope that it’ll sort out.


You can keep doing what you’ve been doing. Or you can step fully into your role as an entrepreneur, and move your business lightyears ahead in just 72 hours.

I’m Sarah M. Chappell, and I help folks struggling with anxiety and addictive patterns to grow supportive soul-centered businesses so that they can live balanced lives full of self-care and service.

Would you like to feel balanced? To be your best self in your business and at home? To finally know exactly what the next steps are, and to be able to confidently take them?

The VIP Weekend is a custom three-day container for your holistic business growth.

In just 72 hours, we will work intimately to craft your ideal business that draws on your skills and experience to create massive impact in the lives of those you’re called to serve.

We will approach your business holistically, examining its health as an extension of your own. I come to you in your town or city, so that the systems and structures that we build will meld seamlessly into your life, and you can focus on doing the work of dreaming rather than traveling.

Whether your business is just an idea sparkling in your eye, you’re building your first online course, or you've been running a retail store for a decade, I will help you to clarify your goals, streamline your processes, and build a robust sales plan that takes full advantage of your gifts—all while providing the accountability and mindset support to get you where you want to go.

Your Personalized Breakthrough Weekend

I fly to you so you can focus on being present, focused, and ready to rock your business. Our time will be customized to your specific business needs, and will include:

  • two one-hour business activation sessions, one before and one after your VIP Weekend to ensure that you are supported in your growth

  • three full days of working together in-person to develop your goals and grow your business

  • an expansive intuitive tarot reading to harness your dreams and build a three-month action plan

  • online and local (if applicable) marketing review and plan development

  • basic website, sales page, or other landing page development as needed (hosting and platform costs not included)

  • copy review for marketing and sales materials

  • offer alignment and creation process to clarify your gifts and package them so that your ideal clients confidently book your services and purchase your products

We’ll also have some fun! Think delicious meals and special break or two to keep the creativity flowing.

Sarah could really see what was in my mind and heart and tease that out. Her knack for phrasing is uncanny, and I was in tears reading her copy, knowing how perfect it was for our project.
— Lauren Haynes, Wooden Spoon Herbs

At the end of your VIP weekend, you will have the tools you need to grow, expand, and thrive in your business.

Do you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing?

Or are you ready to jumpstart your business?

The Breakthrough Weekend is available for an exchange of $2500 by application only. Includes Sarah’s travel to you within the continental U.S. Additional fees may apply for other locations.

Click here to request an application. A $500 deposit is required to hold your spot, and payment plans are available.

About Sarah


I have worked in sales and marketing for over 15 years, starting with my first retail job at 14. My path has led me through editorial at Conde Nast, management of several small retail business, professional writing, editorial director of the $100+ million importer Skurnik Wines, and more. Recently, my focus has been on using my experience to help small businesses that are aligned with their soul's purpose, including Villagers, Wooden Spoon Herbs, Terroir Tribeca, Pine's Herbals, Red Moon Herbs, The Lighthouse Vibration, Wild Abundance, and the Firefly Gathering.

I am fascinated by systems and workflow, creating scalable online courses and services, and am adept at all major social media outlets and website building platforms. I help people to tell stories, and to find their customers through honest communication that takes full advantage of the technological tools available to us.