In Which We Have Conversations With Inanimate Objects

We used to know that they were special. We would pick up shockingly smooth ones from riverbanks, displace large chunks to marvel at the life brimming underneath, and gasp when sparkle caught our eye in an otherwise matte landscape. We knew, deeply and inherently, that stones were magic. We grew up to commodify them, to associate particular ones with birth months or white wedding dreams, seeing stones as signifiers of arrival at specific goals and a way to express our financial prowess. We traded magic for money, stripping the ancient heft to reveal manmade facets and market-dictated worth. We took what they offered and sold it.

Stones are ancient. Through intense heat and pressure over a period of time the human mind cannot fathom, the very heart of our is Earth transformed into stone. When holding a stone, whether a river rock or a diamond, we tend to forget the movement which resulted in their creation. We see stones as solid, impenetrable, inert, and final. Movement is the last thing on our minds. But what if stones do move and change, what if they have been through the ringer to be born, hung around our Earth for millennia, and are still interacting with the world? What if they are, with their expansive lifespan and highly organized structure, just a little bit magic?

Magic doesn't have to be hocus pocus and clouds of smoke with eye of newt. Magic can be found in the simple fact that such a wide variety of stones exist, that they are found on the Earth as the same time as us, and that we can go for slow walks in places all over the land and find them glinting in the sun, calling to us. We can answer that call. 

Working with stones is simple to start. Step One: find a stone you like. Step Two: hold it. That was easy, right? We want things to be complex, but often the greatest magic is not. Holding a stone, like laying hands on a tree or comforting a child, connects us to the world greater than ourselves in a tangible way. Tradition suggests holding stones in your non-dominant hand, but whatever. Hold your new friend in any way you want. After holding, maybe place the stone on your body. What part of your physical being came to your mind first? Start there. Put the stone on the spot that came to you. Hold it in place if necessary, or try tape or a piece of gauze. Guess what? You just had a conversation with a supposedly inanimate object! Your intuition guided that placement, and if we're going to follow our intuition then it's only a small hop to believe that an ancient stone may have a thing or two to say. Stone in place, try to relax. Breath yourself into a place of stillness, and let your mind wander. What images, words, feelings are you experiencing? Keep these with you as you journey, and when you are ready to come back to yourself, take a minute to make note of your experience. What did the stone say?

This journey can be taken with any stone, and I invite you to look around your home, where your children play, where you scuff your shoes, where you stare at the sidewalk when rushing to work, and find a stone that seems like nothing special at all. We talk about herbs appearing because we need them, that those most abundant in our bioregion provide crucial medicine for the area's inhabitants. Can we extend that thought to stone medicine? I believe so. Exotic stones from round the world are full of magic for us, but let's also look to the ground beneath our very feet and see what it so freely offers. Quartz is plain, boring, found everywhere... exactly like some of my most treasured herbal allies. Rarity does not confer superior medicine, and abundant access to a resource is a gift in its own right. The stones around you have something to say if you're ready to listen.

If you'd like to further your relationship with stones, I invite you to peruse the Heal Yourself stone essences. These energetic remedies are a beautiful way to deepen your experience and to invite the stones into your physical body for subtle yet lasting spiritual change.

On November 19th, I am hosting a Stone Essence Journey as part of the apexart Youniverse. This workshop provides a sacred setting to have a conversation with a stone and create your own energetic essence. Learn more about the exhibition here

Ready to dig deep? Schedule a Tarot and Flower + Stone Essence Session, and let me know that the stones are calling to you. We'll read the cards and create a personal essence blend for your path. 

Sarah Chappell